Welcome to the world of… trade fairs

(Tekst door Leen Haesaert – @Leenhaesaert – docent)

Orgatec: the extra mile

If I say “network” or “event”, I bet you think of fancy receptions.

Agreed, these are valuable networking events. Our students, however, went the extra mile and plunged into another rich and more fascinating networking activity : the world of trade fairs. We went to ORGATEC in Köln, a trade fair with inspiring concepts and solutions for working environments of the future.

We challenged our students with 5 networking tasks.

Task 1. Contact one of the exhibitors of Orgatec and offer to write a tailor-made expo guide for them. After quite some emails and calls (even to Canada!) all students got hold of a company.

Networking task #1 – Check!

Taks 2. Exchange your own business cards with at least 3 exhibitors. Students talked to exhibitors of Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. And proudly handed over their own business card, engaged in a professional talk and got a card in exchange.

Networking task #2 – Yes!

Tasks 3. Make a buzz on Twitter about this trade fair: share useful information, tweet impressions and moments of fun. @weareofficemgt  @thomasmore en #orgatech2016 was tweeted, retweeted, picked up and liked.

Networking task #3 – Accomplished!

Task 4. Show your company your expo guide. Invite them to your LinkedIn account and send a thank-you note for their help. Students did!

Networking taks # 4 – Done!

Task 5. Collect 5 pieces of interesting communication materials. Brochures, flyers, business gifts, goodie bags…. Students got them all. 

Networking tasks # 5 – OK!

Networking? Mission accomplished. Absolutely. Check! Check!Check!

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