Marthe op Erasmus in Helsinki

(Tekst door Marthe Daniëls – student)

Going abroad

I’ve always wanted to go to other countries. I’m so happy I had the chance to come to Helsinki. You meet so many new people and you learn so many new things

marthe_helsinkiSchool life

At first, I was a bit stressed, but the school system is so relaxed here.

The Finnish students also organize lots of events. We’ve already been to Russia and Tallinn.  We have had a sauna day, lots of parties and… in a few weeks we’re even going to Lapland!

What about Finland?

The nature is amazing, there are so many gorgeous lakes and islands. I also adore the Finnish people, they are so nice and helpful! Almost everyone here speaks English and even when they don’t, they still do their best.

My Erasmus will be over in 6 weeks already, but I’m sure I will soon be back in Helsinki!

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