Laurence dreams of a life abroad

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And then I realized: travelling is the best way to learn

Ever dreamed of going abroad? Studying or working in another country? Or maybe even starting a new life on the other side of the world? Well, that’s exactly my plan!

Travelling is to live

If you are thinking about moving abroad, you have to be 100% sure about your choice. That’s why I try to travel as much as possible.

You only get the chance once

What could also help you with your choice is going on Erasmus or doing an internship abroad. This has many advantages: enlarging your own world and testing if you are made to start somewhere else. I’m studying Intercultural Relations Management and I want to do my internship in Berlin or Vienna next year.

Working abroad

My most important dream is my future job, it would be perfect if I could work and travel all over the world! Working abroad is a great way to earn more than just money. The list of advantages is practically endless and I’m sure I will have so much fun. I really want to work for an international company so my job won’t feel like work but rather like a crazy (paid) adventure.


A few tips

Working and moving abroad is not always that easy so here are some tips to make the best of your international career:

  • Do some research
  • Organize your travel documents
  • Buy a pocket dictionary
  • Gather information about your health insurance

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