Ann-Laure in Finland

(Tekst door Ann-Laure Simon – @AnnLaureSimon – student)

Off to Finland

My name is Ann-Laure and I am in Helsinki, Finland, spending the last couple of weeks of my Erasmus. It has been an amazing journey with a lot of beautiful memories, experiences and new friends.

Foto’s van student Ann-Laure in Finland

Finland? Yes, Finland!

I chose to go to Finland because I wanted to go in the first semester so I would still be able to do my internship in the second semester. Helsinki is not a very big city  but there are many things to do there is an easy access to Stockholm, St-Petersburg or even LAPLAND! Lapland is  so magical and beautiful, I totally fell in love with everything there.

Before the fun, some schoolwork  

The school I go to is Haaga-Helia and it is a very innovated and creative school. The Finnish language is too difficult to learn in one semester so I didn’t really try. I did learn to say ‘Kiitos’, which means ‘Thank you’.

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