Why doing your internships abroad has so many more advantages.

(Tekst door Amber De Schryver – @_Amberds – student)


When hearing the term “going abroad”, some people will nearly choke, while others have dreamed about adventures in other countries for ages. Whichever reaction, no one will deny that doing an internship abroad will open many doors for you.

I study Office Management focusing on International Relations Management and because of my studies, I’m expected to do my internship abroad and I couldn’t be happier to get this opportunity.


I have never done an internship abroad, but I do have quite some experience with living in another country. Before I started at Thomas More Mechelen, I took a sabbatical and went to Málaga in Spain for 9 months to study the beautiful language. I will always keep this journey close to my heart.



Doing an internship looks great on your resume and adding another language will make you an applicant who stands out from the crowd.

You will learn and experience different cultures and moreover, it will give you the capacity to build cultural awareness which is very important for a company.

And last but not least… You will learn different working styles and will build international networks before you even start in the real world.

It’s an experience you will never forget and definitely not regret. You can be sure about that!

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